Hearing about the Boston Bombing

I was in math class right before the class was about to start and I was, of course, checking my twitter to see what else was going on in the world.  I saw one mention of some sort of explosion during the Boston Marathon.  However, my internet on my phone wasn’t working so that was all the information I could get.  Next my teacher comes in and asks is anyone had heard about the bombings at the Boston Marathon and a couple of students did, but they each said something different about it.  I then wanted to know what EXACTLY happened so I texted my roommate asking for the real story and she, of course, was already constantly getting updates from twitter about it so she gave me as much information that was out there.

I hated not being able to connect to the internet and not seeing for myself.  However, later I discovered that some of the stuff that was posted on Twitter was incorrect. This makes sense because when the individuals in my class explained what they had heard happened none of the stories lined up.  I guess that’s what happens when we have social network websites that try and give you the newest news right when it happens.  Facts are likely to get mixed up.