2013 Mizzou Idol Discusses her Experience

“Music is my life. Music is my passion. Music is the way I express the complications of life and a new way of storytelling.”- Marissanne Lewis-Thompson

Marissanne Lewis-Thompson was crowned the new Mizzou Idol on February 15, 2013. Now, a few months after her victory, she still looks back on that night in awe.
She remembers her original reaction as being completely shocked. Marissanne remembers not having the mindset of winning. All she was focused on was having fun. The year before she competed and only made it to the top 12. When Marissanne heard her name announced by the judges she was beyond shocked. “I compete a lot but almost never win,” Marissanne said.

Currently the new Idol is happy about all the opportunities she has been given because of her victory. Since the competition she has sang the National Anthem at Relay for Life and at a Mizzou Baseball game. In a few weeks she will be singing at the Shack for the Life Music Series as well as singing for the local student run radio station KCOU.

Marissanne is not allowed to compete in Mizzou Idol after winning. However, she hopes to still be apart of Mizzou Idol in any way she can.




The Atlanimal’s Blog!

The Atlanimal’s Blog!

This past Spring Break I was given an amazing opportunity, through Mizzou Alternative Spring Break, to travel with 11 other strangers to Atlanta, Georgia and serve animals shelters for the week.  It was one of the most rewarding experiences I have had in college. 

For three days we worked with a cat shelter called Fur Kids.  Fur Kids is the largest no kill animal shelter in Georgia.  Since I am obsessed with cats this was absolutely amazing.  We did have to do a lot of dirty work such as cleaning up cat pee and intensely cleaning out 9 different rooms containing about 13 cats each.  On the cat side of things, the most interesting thing I learned was about a disease called FIV which is basically HIV but with cats.  Fur Kids has a specific house designed for housing about 50 cats with this disease.

On our last day of service we switched location and helped out the Small Dog Rescue which the creator of Fur Kids also started.  This shelter was a great change of scenery. It was great to change things up and be around dogs for a day instead of cats.

This link that I posted will take you too my groups (The Atlanimals) specific blog spot.  Throughout the week we, as a group, blogged about our days.  This link can also take you to read the other ASB groups experiences as well.