60 Minutes

60 Minutes

In lecture this week we discussed what exactly makes a good story and how we as journalists can form a good story.  Though the techniques of good storytelling are used in all the different types of pieces, this week we seemed to focus more on broadcast.  

The link I posted above takes you to a story posted on 60 Minutes Overtime.  60 Minutes Overtime is sort of the left overs/extras from the stories that were aired on 60 Minutes.  Whenever I think of good broadcasting and storytelling on television I immediately think of 60 Minutes.  For some reason their stories didn’t seem to bore me when I was younger.  Granted they sometimes have entertainment stories, but even the news stories are very well told.

This link will take you to an Overtime piece that is unique.  The clip starts out mentioning that it is the reporters first time reporting for 60 Minutes and actually interviews the interviewer.  Then they draw connections between her and the main subject of her first story.  This is a very interesting way too show a little extra bit of a story.


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