I stumbled upon this website The Daily Beast on Facebook.  I decided to check it out and was amazed.  This is an excellent idea. It gives the gist of articles about news.  If you’re a busy person, too busy to read all of the newspapers, this website could be your best friend.

As a future journalist I think it could be your best friend too.  It will keep you informed to the bare minimum and make sure you don’t miss something important.  I’m not saying that you  or others should only read this, but if you are short on time it could help.  

Websites like this could become more popular as time goes on.  I’m sure they have some sort of app for your phone or tablet and you can just read what you need to know without shifting through the other stuff.  This is sort of a scary thought.  Who is going to want to keep reading long articles in a news paper when they could save time by just reading websites like this?  I think the original articles are just as important because they do give some important details.  These details aren’t necessary for a story but they do add to the story.  I hope that websites like the Daily Beast don’t completely replace real articles, but they are handy.


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