91 Journalism Blogs

91 Journalism Blogs

It’s a little ironic that I have posted a link on my blog that takes you too a website containing more blogs, but in lecture this week we had three different speakers one of whom talked about convergence journalism.

When I first started out here at Mizzou I didn’t really know what convergence journalism was.  It now seems to be pretty much a combination of everything in journalism.  It’s basically what we are learning in this J2150 class.  

Blogging is one of the new ways to get out news and opinions.  This link shows “91 journalism blogs and websites that you will love.” Websites and blogs are used in convergence journalism.  Convergence is coming up with new and interesting ways to get news out too people.  Creating a website that is more interesting for people to view, so they remember what they read.  Making sure people understand the news and become interested in it is important.  Journalists should want people too want to be informed (if that makes any sense).


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