35 Powerful Pictures That Tell a Story

35 Powerful Pictures That Tell a Story

In our lecture this week we discussed what exactly makes a good picture and video.  The first thing we talked about is how a picture and a video has to tell a story.  That is the main purpose. Without telling a story there is no reason for that picture or video to even exist.

Other things that create a good video and picture are:

1) The quality of the picture/video. This includes the type of lighting that the picture is taken in.

2) Emotion.  Every picture should portray an emotion, and make its viewers feel something.

The link that I have posted shows 35 truly impeccable photographs.  Each of them made me feel an emotion, and I understood what kind of mood they were portraying.  The very first image is extremely haunting.  The scars that are shown cause me too imagine the type of pain that was inflicted on that man in order to create those scars.  There are many haunting pictures in that collection, but there are also some joyous pictures as well.  The picture titled “Malawian boy running after 4×4” is very warming.  It is interesting, however, to see how much the haunting photos seem to outnumber happy ones.  Is this just people usually tragedy is what attracts people the most? Or does it relate to the “Bad News Bias” in journalism?


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