Award Winning Story

Award Winning Story

In lecture this week we had a guest speaker who spoke about writing in and around your story.  This link that I have posted is one of the Pulitzer Prize winners from 2012.  It is one of the best articles I have read, mostly because it was interesting and I wanted to keep reading it.  
A lot of news stories are boring.  They do tell you all the facts and what you need to know, but journalists should have a way to write what is relevant as well as keep it interesting.  This story/article makes the facts easy to read.  

Young people have not showed as much interest in the news as older generations.  If the news was more interesting and not so cut and dry maybe this would change, and more people would want to know about the news.  This, however, has a fine line.  The news still has to be real.  You can’t lie about a story just to make it interesting.  There needs to be a balance.  With Multi Media Journalism, I think journalists are working at making news and stories more enjoyable.  It’ll be interesting to see how journalism evolves in the future.


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