2013 Superbowl Commercials

2013 Superbowl Commercials

     Every year the Super Bowl is one of the most discussed football games in America.  But people don’t just discuss the game, they also discuss the commercials.  Here’s a link that contains every commercial that was aired (and some that didn’t make the cut) during this years game.  

This year the commercials seemed a little different than other years.  There were at least 2 commercials that I noticed along with trying to sell a product, the commercial told a back story as well.  In lecture this week we got to listen to a speaker that talked about how the journalism world and the marketing world are converging.  After viewing some of these ads and thinking about it, this is true. 

     Two commercials that that didn’t just focus on selling something were the Rams Truck “Farmer” commercial and the Jeep “Whole Again” featuring Oprah Winfrey.  The Rams Truck commercial contained a touching narration about farmers.  By putting in the storyline of farming Rams truck, I imagine, was able to connect more to farmers, who are the type of people that would buy and use Rams trucks the most.  The Jeep commercial showed how smart they were by adding Oprah as a narrator and also putting in images of American soldiers and troops reuniting and fighting for our country.  They included 2 things (Oprah and Our Troops) that are known for being able to identify with the people.

My personal favorite commercial is the Budweiser “Brotherhood” commercial.  I don’t even like beer, but every time I watch this video I shamefully almost cry.  Budweiser was able to connect with its audience by providing a touching story about a man and his Clydesdale horse.  It’s the perfect story line.

After watching all of these commercials it is just interesting to see what companies are catching on to the changes in media.  A product doesn’t have to be just a product anymore.  You can connect it with something that is relatable to the viewers and get more attention that way.


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